Berlin Bottle

95 × 65 × 35mm (H × W × D)
Kristin came upon the delicate bottle used to create a mould for this piece at a flea market in Berlin. Kristin negotiated with the elderly man who was selling a table of tools and bric-a-brac, before bringing the object back to her studio.  

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This is a sculptural piece and is not watertight. Due to the nuanced nature of the production process, colours and dimensions can vary slightly. As such, please allow at least 10mm variability to the measurements provided; it is these differences that give each piece its own unique character.

This Kristin Burgham piece is made by hand in her studio from the finest porcelain. Throughout the making process, colour is embedded in the clay body itself, and many pieces are available in a range of made to order custom colours. Please get in touch for more information about the customisation process.

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