Pointy Weave Bottle

320 × 115 × 70mm (H × W × D)
The object used to create a mould for this piece was woven in split cane, plastic cord, flax straps and wire, bringing to mind the skilful handling of material and the repetitive nature of weaving. The object was found in a flea market, the original origin unknown. The intricate details mean that making the woven bottle series requires much patience and great care.

Whilst most of Kristin's pieces are available in a range of made to order colours, due to the detailed and complex nature of this piece it is only available in the colour Snow (in stock).

This Kristin Burgham piece is made by hand in her studio from the finest porcelain. This is a sculptural piece and is not watertight. Due to the nuanced nature of the production process, colours and dimensions can vary slightly. As such, please allow at least 10mm variability to the measurements provided; it is these differences that give each piece its own unique character.

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